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Overview - What it is

The Google definition of knitting is “A method by which yarn is manipulated to create a textile or fabric; can be done by hand or machine”. Knitting requires 2 needles and yarn, nothing more. There doesn’t even need to be a special type of yarn, you can use any one you want (that fits with the size of the needles).

You can make anything, from scarves and sweaters to toys and decor. Knitting is significantly harder than crocheting, because the yarn can slide off of the needle easily and other factors; including certain patterns that, in the instructions, may not just repeat after each row. Though you can create a lot more diverse things with knitting, and fabric is usually tighter than crocheting.

Video Tutorial

Knit and Crochet basic Terminology

  • Yarn over: literally putting the yarn over the needle/hook

  • Cast on: setting up foundation for project

  • Individual Stitch: the knit stitch/completion of repetitive pattern

  • Stitch pattern: a combination of individual stitches to create a pattern

  • Slip knot: basis of every knit and crochet pattern and is the knot that will always create the first stitch of a row

Tips & Tricks

  • Using a crochet hook can be helpful if you accidentally drop stitches

  • For flat projects, circular (rounded tip) needles are better to use

  • Recycle or upcycle any projects you don't plan on finishing


Overview What it is

Crocheting is the creative process of creating textiles by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of thread, string and strands of other materials, though yarn is typically and most commonly used. Crochet hooks can be made out of metal, plastic, and wood. Almost anything you can do with knitting, you can do whilst crocheting. Crocheting is much easier than knitting, and more commonly used; for the reason that you only use one needle and patterns are easier to follow.

Like knitting, certain yarn can go with different size crochet hooks; though in most cases, that does not apply. If done right, you can make just as tight patterns as knitting (depending on the pattern you want). Crochet is commonly, and more, used for making stuffed animals than knitting.

Video Tutorial

Knit and Crochet Terminology (Cont.)

  • Row(s): a literal row of stitches completed

  • Back loop: a crochet stitch that is the furthest away from you

  • Decrease: To get rid of one stitch (or more, depends) per row to decrease your project

  • Front loop: a crochet stich that is the closest to you

  • Increase: To add a stitch (or more, depends) to a row to increase your project

Tips & Tricks

  • Position yarn correctly (not in the way of the needle or knotted; applies to both crocheting and knitting)

  • Don't be afraid to unravel (If you're not happy with what you did, just unravel then continue to try and fix it)

  • Keep stitches relaxed and loose (if its too tight you won't be able to get the hook through the yarn!)

Sample Projects - Video directions

Product Video

Crochet Ornaments for Winter!

(Its easier to learn projects from a video rather than a website)

More Knit Terminology

More Crochet Terminology

Student Demo Video

How to Start Knitting By S. Leccima

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